Webpage online pilot Sep-Oct 2022

Webpage online pilot Sep-Oct 2022


From September 2022 to October 2022 the Aquaview network has piloted the Learning Unit on species selection for recirculation aquaculture systems.

This online pilot tested part of the EQF5 Learning Unit developed by the network. This Learning Unit is aimed at students and professionals in the aquaculture sector, and is a 24 hour course on “Problem solving in recirculating aquaculture systems”. The online pilot covers the first of the 3 learning outcomes of the full course, but is set up as a stand-alone course, titled “Species selection in recirculating aquaculture systems”.

This unit is offered as part of continuous professional development and life-long learning in the European aquaculture sector.

There are four main topics in the online introductory course:

  • Behaviour: General information on animal behaviour, behaviour of fish, behaviour of other aquatic organisms, reproduction
  • Species requirements: Density and size, Feed and water quality
  • Species selection: Saltwater fish, freshwater fish, other species
  • Case studies: Saltwater, freshwater, other species, system design

The course is student-paced, and fully online. Each topic is covered with pre-recorded lectures, additional reading materials and a short assessment. Course completion, including all activities, is estimated at 8 hours.

Upon successful completion of the course and the assessments, students receive a certificate.